Awesome Beaches

Dolphins Bay

The beach of Curral, more known for Bahia de los Golfinhos, has calm sea, is almost like a swimming pool, it is possible to see dolphins swimming near people. You, almost nothing with them, is really exciting! The cliffs in various colors, from pink to red. To get to that beach is necessary that the tide this low, could be walking from the Center Beach.

Cunhaú Bay

When you arrive at Praia da Barra do Cunhaú the impression you will have is that it is on a deserted beach with a wide carpet of fine white sand. The sea is so calm that it looks more like a large lagoon with clean green water. It is very common to find reefs all along the coast, being thus, natural pools are formed easily. If you travel with children and people with low mobility, you can let them have fun with more security and tranquility.


he beach of Cacimbinhas presents a completely reserved environment. The coast is not deserted, but it has a calm well typical of paradisiacal littoral zones. The stage is something beautiful to watch. Along the coast of Cacimbinhas Beach you have a wide strip of sand and a clean sea, with warm waters and that will provide a revitalizing bath for you.

Praia do Centro

Playa del Centro is a beautiful beach located in front of the center of Pipa. The beach has calm waters and boasts a varied offer of restaurants, bars and activity options


The Chapadao is a huge colorful mountain between LovePlaya de Amor and Playa das Minas. The beach below is small, beautiful and perfect for those seeking privacy and tranquility.

Giz Beach

Beach of great beauty and tranquility, it is known as one of the shelters of Tibau do Sul. Little known by tourists, being a little explored beach. Its white cliffs form a beautiful view, which is admired by all who come to the place.

Guarairas Lagoon

Tame waters, a lagoon that empties into the sea, cliffs with native vegetation, mangroves full of marine life and dolphins, form a set of irresistible natural attractions in the charming Laguna de Guarairas

Madeiro Beach

A privileged place for the exuberant nature, Madeiro Beach is quiet and conducive to sports such as surfing, standup, paddles, kayaking, kitesurfing and windsurfing.For having calm waves, the Madeiro sea is ideal for beginners who wish to practice these sports.


The deserted beach looks untouched being a quiet, gentle and relaxing place. The faint waves and diverse reefs around it add an extra touch to the beauty of the coast. Famous for the practice of extreme sports in both the water and the surrounding dunes, it is a valuable option for those who like adventure and seek destinations for this purpose.

Minas Beach

Continuando em direção ao sul, a primeira atração é a formação das praias do Chapadão e Minas - 6 km de praias desertas, falésias e piscinas naturais - onde fica a praia da Barra. área de proteção ambiental para nidificação de tartarugas. praia tranquila e bonita, ideal para uma boa caminada.


The beach is beautiful and is even more at low tide, when natural pools and small waterfalls are formed. Perfect for bathing children. The landscape is complete with the beauty of the cliffs, coconut trees and the river Catú, which separates Sibaúma from Barra do Cunhaú.


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