Reservas +55-84-20303340|Contato: +55-84-32464145
Reservas +55-84-20303340|Contato: +55-84-32464145
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Pipa Privilege is the best address for your reception, be it a wedding, birthday or corporate event. We have special packages, exclusive services and a unique setting that will make your party unforgettable for both you and your guests.


Glass Hall: Celebrate facing the sea, in a private area with air conditioning - perfect for social events or business meetings. The hall also has an outdoor green area for up to 120 guests, which can also be turned into a large space for assembling toys for children's parties, into a dance floor for teen events, or even into a training area for companies.

Green outdoor area: Celebrate in style at the top of Cacimbinhas' cliff. Great room for beach-style celebrations surrounded by nature. Includes a buffet specially designed for your event.

Area Lounge Bar: Celebrate with friends, over music and drinks, in the height of elegance and sophistication.

Barbecue area: Celebrate with the best cuts of meat, skewers, snacks, spices and seafood without missing the refinement; all delivered by the renowned Chef Bispo.