THE HOTEL PIPA PRIVILEGE BOUTIQUE & SPA - Located on top of a cliff on the Pipa Beach in the city of Tibau do Sul - RN - Brazil. The hotel is part of the PIPA PRIVILEGE GROUP. Representing the most luxurious category in the group's hotel catalog.

The HOTEL has 16 Luxurious accommodations with an incredible panoramic view of the sea, facing Couples and family, that comes to the beach of kite in search of a unique place, The Pipa Privilege Boutique & SPA is always in search of excellence providing to its guests an unforgettable experience of being between the dunes and the sea of ​​the paradisiac beach of the kite.

Part of one of the best views of Pipa Beach, here at the Pipa Privilege Boutique & SPA you will experience fantastic experiences with the people you have chosen to enjoy unforgettable moments on the paradisiacal kite beach. Our hotel has a wide range of hotel services that will be at your disposal, from a bistro restaurant with a menu of extreme quality and standard of service to the small detail of comfort that makes the Pipa Privilege Boutique Hotel and SPA a truly privileges. Enjoy PIPA.

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Come enjoy this paradise, when you arrive, you will not want to leave .

Just a few meters walking we find Cacimbinhas Beach and Madeiro Beach considered by experts as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, where you will be able to enjoy the dolphin walk every day. These are among one of the beaches of Pipa Beach that are in perfect harmony with nature, beautiful and beautiful by nature, nursery of turtles among other terrestrial and marine species. Come and enjoy Pipa Beach and Tibau do Sul.

Elected by Guia Quatro Rodas as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil, and Tripadvisor as one of the five most beautiful, Pipa Beach is known for its beaches with clear and warm waters, huge coconut trees, natural pools, imposing cliffs still covered the Atlantic forest, white sand dunes, coves and cliffs.

House of dolphins and sea turtles, Praia da Pipa belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul. The village became known as Pipa because Pedra do Moleque (located on Praia do Amor) looks in the distance with a barrel of wine or cachaça.

The history of this region comes from the time of discovery and the French and Dutch invasions at the beginning of Brazil colony.

As an indigenous village it was exploited and inhabited by pirates who explored Pau Brazil, exotic birds, animal skins and other products.

Subsequently, the Dutch settled here for a long period marked by battles, until they were expelled by the Portuguese in 1654.

Tibau do Sul was founded about 200 years ago and belonged to the municipality of Goianinha until emancipation in 1963. The indigenous name means between two waters, this because the town was located between Lagoa Guaraíras and the Atlantic ocean.

Little Tibau do Sul was, by the end of the 1970s, a community of fishermen, with dirt road, where house lights were turned off at 8:00 p.m. and television was watched in the public square.

Such was the life in the quiet village until discovered by surfers who sheltered here behind good waves and natural beauty contributing to make the place famous.

Slowly the first inns and restaurants appeared, with them tourists and new residents. Today, Pipa has exquisite hotels and inns, world-class restaurants, exclusive shops, great structure for tours and bustling nightlife. Such factors have made the small village a national and international highlight, visited by celebrities who come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility that this wonderful place offers.

Madeiro Beach

A favorite of tourists, with access by stairs. Frequented by surfers and dolphins is one of the most beautiful and trendy beaches in the area. Formed by a long bay, with white sands accompanied by coconut trees and cliffs, ideal for long walks, surfing, kite surfing, sunbathing and sea. There are tents on the beach with good food and cold drink, surf schools with board and kayak rentals.

Two Dolphin Bay

Its name comes from the practice of the older fishermen to build there rods made of sticks to catch fish.

The presence of dolphins made them call it the Bay of Dolphins. There are good waves for surfing and bathing, there are no tents on the beach, here you will find hawkers, beach chairs and umbrella.

For your access you must observe the tide time to go and return, it is also visited by boats and speedboats that has this bay as a stop on your itineraries. It is the wildest of the beaches of Pipa, ideal for hiking and bathing.

Love Beach

Elected among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil, it is the favorite of surfers for the formation of good waves, there are areas dangerous to the bath due to strong currents and swirls, so be careful, always try to enter the sea with the presence of surfers and saves lives in the area.

At the southern end is located the Pedra da Pipa that originated the name of the village, at low tide numerous natural pools are formed, access is made through a stairway dug in the cliff, or by the beach to the south, passing by the Ponta do Cabo Verde .

Chapadão / Praia das Minas

Continuing towards the south the first attraction is the formation of the Chapadão and the Beach of the Minas - 6km of deserted beaches, cliffs and natural pools - where the Beach Bar is located. Area of ​​environmental preservation by the spawning of turtles. A quiet and beautiful beach, ideal for a good walk, bike ride, quadricycle, horse, buggy, car, you can also get in with Van de Transporte, it is on the border of the municipality.

At the meeting of the river Catu with the sea a ferry crossing takes us to the neighboring municipality, Barra do Cunhaú.